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Data science with Python( Dec 12th - Jan 30,2020)| Billy Rogers

Try these instructions for no audio during WebEx

When joining the meeting

Dialog Box: Audio Conference > Call Using Computer (test speaker)

During the meeting

QuickStart tab > Audio Conference > Call Using Computer (test speaker)

Menu Bar > Audio > Call Using Computer (test speaker)

Confirm you have not muted

Menu Participant > Mute all

Worst case scenario: log out and log back in
Incase if your desired directory is still not up.

1. First you need to create the config file, using cmd : jupyter notebook --generate-config Then, search for C:\Users\your_username\.jupyter folder (Search for that folder), and right click edit the jupyter_notebook_config.py.

2. Then, Ctrl+F: #c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir ='' . Note that the quotes are single quotes. Select your directory you want to have as home for your jupyter, and copy it with Ctrl+C, for example: C:\Users\username\Python Projects.

3. Then on that line, paste it like this : c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir = 'C:\\Users\\username\\Python Projects'

4. Make sure to remove #, as it is as comment.

5. Make sure to double slash \\ on each name of your path. Ctrl+S to save the config.py file !!!

6. Go back to your cmd and run : jupyter notebook. It should be in your directory of choice. Test it by making a folder and watch your directory from your computer.

7. On Jupyter notebook, try this:

pwd #this shows the current directory

8. if this is not the directory you like and you would like to change, try this:

import os

Then try pwd again to see if the directory is what you want.

It works for me, cheers :)

If you have difficult time consuming arf files.

On the Mac the NetworkRecordingPlayer: File > Open is grayed out
WebEx support says this is a bug and they are currently trying to fix it. (12/20)
Fixed: Please find PLAY_ARF_ON_MAC
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iDjclnUzfWW2jKpIAvbU4zinXr_C02TW

On Windows NetworkRecordingPlayer:
Fixed: Please find PLAY_ARF_ON_WINDOWS
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iDjclnUzfWW2jKpIAvbU4zinXr_C02TW

Cisco: WebEx sent a Plugin for windows sharing here (no guarantees)
First confirm you have the correct folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Webex\Webex\500\plugin

If not create a folder called "plugin" folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Webex\Webex\500

Then unzip and place two files:
Into the plugin folder and restart

When you reopen NetworkRecordingPlayer on Windows you will
see: File > Convert to MP4
If you want to convert to MP4 to play on the Mac you can.

When you get to the conversion wizard it will ask you about quality:
Choose Low. It takes a long time but it is still usable quality.

It can now be moved to a mac and be played on a common player like VLC.

The file menu still says: File > Convert to MP4
Instead just double click the ARF file and the WebEx player
should start playing the ARF file.
It can also be played on windows using the Windows Media Player.
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Subhanshu Arora

New Member
Hi Billy, Greetings for the day!
Could you please guide me on how to read/import csv file into Jupyter Notebook? I've tried to refer some videos from YouTube but still facing error.
Read a csv file into a notebook.
First make sure the csv file is in the same directory as the notebook. If you are on Anaconda you can click the File menu to open a view and confirm the file is there. If you are on the SimpliLearn Lab click the up arrow to upload the csv file. It should appear in the same list as you open notebook.

Then use the attached file to
Open a .txt file
Close manually
Open and close automatically using a with statement
Open a csv file using pandas
Open a file using a URL


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New Member
Hi Billy,
Good Day.
I want to perform a statistical test for a categorical variable. I am using Chi - Square test. I have 43 columns and 100 rows. I am getting p value as zero. But when i checked the correlation between them i get value less than 0.1. Please advice on how to approach.