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Data Science with R | Arindam | May 17 - June 02 | 2021

#Normalize the gre col:
hist(gre, col="Red",main="Graduate record exam scores_after_Norm")

can u plz help me with this code
Attn. Arindam:
Maybe considering granting your participants access to your drive where class-assignments, query etc, can get uploaded - for your review - might be helpful going forward. By this means you can provide direct (personalized feedback) as opposed to pasting the answers into a 'chat box' which I assume is more work (laborious)

Many thanks for your kind consideration
KR from Zurich, Switzerland


  • Assignment 2_CAllen.pdf
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Dear Arindam

PFA the assignment answers.
Few highlighted Question are not reachable request you to please clear the same .



  • Assignment 2.pdf
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