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hello Shubham,
I am not a student of your batch but I 've got your recordings and I was going through your recording of normal distribution.
you said the curve of normal distribution is an asymptote to x axis and it never touches the x axis, may I please know if in a
cricket match a graph is plotted with runs on y-axis & overs on x-axis , if any particular over is a maiden over if zero runs are scored in that over
will it not touch the x-axis? I would 've liked to plot a graph and attach but I do not know how to do yet.

2. Is there an inverse possible to central limit theorem? like if "sd" of few samples is given ,will the sd of
population be (sqrt(n)* sd of samples)?

Sorry if its a weird question because I have zero programming knowledge and zero statistics knowledge as am totally new to this field , I come from hospitality sector.