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    Dear Team,

    Do we have any format for uploading the project document for the course with Data Science with R.
    When i see the project submission page, there are 3 options to upload document.

    If you can please let me know if my understanding about it is correct or not.
    My question is specific to the project "Comcast Telecom Consumer Complaints".

    For the write up section
    We will upload a document where we can write about or understanding about the data/project and also our understanding about the problem which have given to us to solve.

    For Screen shots section.

    We will provide a document with all the screen shots, of the visualization plots, which we have created while solving the problems.

    For Source code section

    Upload the R code document file which we have created for this project.

    Please let me know if the understanding is correct, or the expectation is something else.

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