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    Difference between Business Analyst and System Analyst ?
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    • A systems analyst is capable of looking at a program or utility and see the code.
    • The business analyst has a more complicated position. He or she must not only understand the way IT speaks but also how the stakeholders speak.
    • Systems analysts utilize an organization’s IT systems to help achieve strategic business goals.
    • Business analysts generally possess technical knowledge as well. Their main focus is identifying opportunities for improving a business’s processes and using technology to eliminate problems that affect productivity, output, distribution and ultimately, the bottom line.
    • systems analyst roles that require a stronger technical skill set and often involve systems design responsibilities.
    • a business analyst might start “bridging” further up the stream in terms of business needs and problems and stop “bridging” at the functional requirements specification or at what the system will do and leave it to a systems analyst or a senior developer to determine how to do it.
    • A business analyst by its very definition is someone who analyzes the business, looking for ways to improve it.
    • Adding the word “system” to the title of business analyst moves the role into a more technical realm.
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