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Difference between Change Requests and Defect Repairs

Hello Freinds,

I have a doubt regarding defect repairs and change request. I believe both are same because defect repairs are resulted by corrective action and the same is done with change requests.

Please clarify.


Mukesh Sahu

Simplilearn Support
Yes, a Defect Repair could be a CR. But it is not always true. A Defect Repair can be considered as a Change Request only under special circumstances.

You cannot give a faulty system or a defective deliverable or component to the Customer. So, all Defects should be repaired before delivery.

However, Defect Repair may entail some other Changes. The Project Team may require extra Time or Cost or Resources to do the Defect Repair. These may require some Changes to the Project Baselines. Like with any other Change, the Project Team has to analyze the Defect Repair completely. They should document the impact of Defect Repair

The Project Team should analyse the impact of Defect Repair on the other Project parameters. The Project Team should document what and how much would be impacted. Project team should produce a formal CR, if the impact analysis suggests Changes to Project Baselines.


tim jerome

Well-Known Member
Awesome, Mukesh. Thanks.
A change request is just that - a request to modify the deliverable, plan, documents. Defect repair is a modification, and adjustments to plan and documents, as well as deliverable are made. I guess a better way to phrase this concept is that defect repair would be a result of a change request.

Defect repair is also corrective action - it realigns the work with the plan. Defects are also an internal cost of non-conformance (Quality). There are so many interconnects, it is easy to get confused.