Do we have job assist for Masters program users?

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    Feb 13, 2018
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    I have tried to contact multiple regarding the issue of Job Assist.
    I believe I have been asking the wrong question all over.

    So my question is "Do we have job assist for Masters program users?"

    I have attached one screenshot too for the relevance

    Thanks and regards
    Shubham Gupta

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    Hi Shubham,

    Thank you for your interest in career opportunities through Simplilearn. We work very closely with our partner companies and please know that we will keep your profile in our system and that we may reach out to you in the future if they have a role that matches your skills and experience. In the meantime, please continue to upgrade your profile with certifications.
    This is true that we have removed this feature from our System. However, everyone enrolling before this notice came in effect is still eligible for our Job Assistance feature.
    Our Team would reach you out either over call or email once we find any Job Opening details with our ATP Companies that match your Job Profile.
    Please note that Simplilearn provides Job Assistance and not Job Assurance.

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