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ECC ECE Credits - Clarification & Briefing

Dhaval Chheda

Active Member
Hereby are my questions asked to ECC for clarification on each point of ECE credit earning modes and the responses received by their end :-

1) Volunteering in public sector - kindly provide list and nature of public sector events in which i can volunteer
and earn the same.

Ans: Any IT-Security related works in the public sector candidate may claim -1 credit per hour, there is no specific events for volunteering in public sector.

2) Association/Organization Chapter Meeting (per Meeting) - Kindly send the steps and link where i can find
the chapter meeting and participate to earn the credits.

Ans: Certified Members may claim 1 credit per meeting hour of IS-related chapter organizations, provided that the meeting content is directly related to IS and that the member attended the meeting, there is no specific link/steps for this event.

3) Author Tool - can you elaborate of this on what is it and steps to earn the same.

Ans: Certified Members who author a new open source tool for information systems security may claim 40 credits for each tool verified.
4) Authoring Book - is the book officially required to be published or uploading on any online platform or internet work.

Ans: Certified Members who author an IS-related book published traditionally or on an electronic book site may claim 40 credits for each book published.
5) Contribution to the exam development - what sort of contribution and how can such be earned.

Ans: The below tasks mentioned are by EC-Council invitation only, Certified members are invited to participate through a selection process as part of the groups who contribute via

1. Review Board
2. EC-Council Survey

The above activities are part of the exam development process and members are eligible to earn ECE points for their time and participation. We will notify you once we started.

6) Certification/ Examination - would this refer to any certification done in any domain or only ec council certifications qualify for the same. Also can any certification in cyber security and Info security qualify for this.

Ans: Yes, your understanding is correct, certified members may claim 40 ECE credits for each IT Security related Certification examination. No credit is given for exam failures.

Candidate needs to submit any course completion certificate or email confirmation. (Note: Courses for which no course completion certificate is given are not eligible for credits).

7) Education Seminar/Conference/Event.

Ans: Currently we have no conferences and events, Certified Members attending traditional or web-based IS-related conferences, seminars or events may claim 4 credits for half-day and 8 credits for full day conferences, seminars or events according to the published hours.

8) Higher Education - Kindly elaborate on this on what form of higher education is included and how to earn the credits
through this (entire process).

Ans: Certified Members attending IS-related courses at a traditional or on-line college or university may claim 10 credits per quarter (3) hour or 15 credits per semester hour if they successfully pass the course or a letter grade of C (or better).
9) Identify New Vulnerability - would submission of a word doc stating the vulnerability found work or is there
a specific manner of submission. If yes, kindly let me know the same.

Ans: Certified members may claim 10 credits for identifying a new vulnerability. Provide proof of the disclosed vulnerability and documented evidence claiming the ownership of the report published in a public forum. Community feedback will rule granting of credits. Only new vulnerability stands to earn credit. Response time may range from 30-45 days. Vulnerabilities that are not disclosed publicly cannot be granted ECE Credits.
10) Presentation - can you elaborate on this. What kind of certification and the steps or process to earn the credits through

Ans: Certified Members who participate as speakers at traditional or on-line conferences, seminars or workshops may claim 3 credits per scheduled hour of the presentation the first time the presentation is given. Certified Members may not claim additional credits for presenting the same material multiple times.
11) Reading an Information Security Book/Article Review/Book Review/Case Study - Can you let me know on what all
is required to be submitted under add new events section to earn those credits.

Ans: Courseware furnished as part of an educational course is not eligible for credit. Certified Members may claim 5 credits for writing and submitting a book/article review, or case study. Only 2 submissions are allowed per cycle year.The book/article review submitted should be of minimum 250-500 words. The review should be presented with clarity of points and expression of thoughts. The certified member should make sure that the submitted book/article review is not plagiarized.

12) Teach New - what and where can the teaching be offered. and is there a specific amount of audience necessary for qualifying
for credits. Kindly elaborate on this.

Ans: Certified Members who are the primary instructor for an instructor-led or on-line synchronous course may claim 21 credits per day the first time the course is presented. Instructors may not claim additional credits for teaching the same material multiple times.

13) Teach Upgrade - kindly elaborate on this and this point isn't understood.

Ans: Certified Members who are teaching a new version of a class for which they have previously claimed credit may claim 11 credits per day the first time the new version is presented. Instructors may not claim additional credits for teaching the same material multiple times. Use combinations of the event durations listed to enter the applicable number of credits.

14) How to claim 3 ece credits for bachelors and masters degree which pop shows when logged in and what is it pertaining. Kindly provide a detailed information on bachelors and masters program part.

Ans: To request credit based on industry certifications, please provide documentation of the certificates for the course(s) for which you are seeking credit. Credit for industry certifications is awarded based on an assessment by the ECCU administrative team. Certifications must not be older than one year past the expiration date.

This might clarify doubts and queries in every individual's mind on ece credits earning mode.