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Discussion in 'PMP' started by Rajan Sood, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Nov 12, 2015
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    I appeared for the exam a few weeks back. Scored P in 4 domains and MP in 1. Here is my experience....

    - Around 150 questions were from these 3 areas i.e. Stakeholder, Risk and Communication. And all of these questions were situational (which makes them more tricky)
    - Only 10-12 numerical questions. 2 or 3 of them were straight/simple. Rest of them required to "turn" the formulas. For example; there was one question where PERT value was given and the question was to find Optimum number of days
    - There were only 3-4 ITTO questions (thankfully, my ITTO part was weak)
    - Almost every situational question asked --- "what will PM do now?" or "what should PM have done to avoid this situation?"
    - There was only 1 question that required to create Network Diagram. But it's wording was tricky.
    - Only 5-6 questions where WBS or Critical Path was mentioned
    - No question on Quality Gurus or their quality theories
    - Only 1 question on Tuckman Ladder, but it was a situational one
    - Only 1 question on Contract Types (CPIF, CPAF, FP)
    - Surprisingly, I couldn't identify 25 pretest questions. I had doubt on 3-4 such questions, but I am not certain

    One advice --- please go through ATLEAST 3 simulation exams (more is good, if possible). And that too without using Pause button. It will be a serious mental blockage if you are in the habit of Pausing the simulation test. I didn't follow this rule and I was able to finish the real exam just 10-12 minutes early. I didn't get enough time to review.
    Make arrangement as if you are sitting in a real exam and try to create a slightly "tense" environment around you. It will definitely help you while sitting in the real exam.

    Let me know if I could help any further.

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    Rajan, thanks so much for your input. Your advice regarding mentally preparing for the exam (creating similar environment in practiced exams) has shown to help a lot in increasing confidence when test-taking within such a unique environment as Prometric.

    The numbers are interesting - it seems as if the ratio of pure math questions remain constant from historical figures, and there is once again an increase in situational questions. And it continues to increase in its 'trickiness' factor.

    Again thank you. This benefits all of us as we prepare for the exam.


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