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Exin ASM - 13 April (Sandeep)

Sandeep Souche(4802)

Well-Known Member
Hi All,

I need help to get full explanation on this slide and video called :

5.12 Net Present Value - Example

how did they got this number and how is exactly calculate the NPV , ROI payback Period
Need it step by step

There are lots of knowledge articles on NPV, RoI, etc. and you can find them online as these are very old and basic concepts. But quickly -

1. NPV = Net cash flows reduced to their present values. Subtract costs from revenues and then take present values of all these terms before adding them up. MS Excel also has a readymade formula for NPV.
2. Payback period = Amount of time before the cumulative cash flows turn positive. Typically you calculate the cumulative cash flows until the negative turns to positive.
3. RoI = Return on Investment = Average profit or savings/Investment.
4. IRR = the rate at which the NPV becomes zero. There is a readymade formula for IRR in MS Excel.

Hope that helps.
Hello ,Was anyone able to register for today evenings DevOps session ?I am getting message as the class is full .So had to register for 11th May session.


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Hi Sandeep,

When we should have the sprint review and sprint planning? Also if sprint review is after the sprint complete then, the day when we doing sprint review comes under the sprint cycle? Is it mandatory for TEAM to attend the sprint review meeting?