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Exin ASM Apr 27th 2019 (Sandeep)

Sandeep Souche(4802)

Well-Known Member
Minimally Viable Product for the Course Project:

•Create a JIRA account: https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/try
•Download the JIRA Project Files archive from lms.simplilearn.com
•Read the project description and create a backlog
oSegregate stories and epics
•Create a project in JIRA
•Enter the backlog (at least the main portal) and enter into JIRA (take a screenshot)
•Create 3 sprints of 1 week duration and assign stories to them
•Start one of the sprints and take screenshots of the Scrum board
•Move stories (drag and drop) across the scrum board and take screenshots
•Put the screenshots and some basic information in a Word document
•Submit the document on LMS