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    Hi Guys,
    I took the ASM exams last Friday and Passed. I scored 83% (33 out of 40 exam questions). I will like to thank Simplilearn and Karthik for their support. As an advice to others intending to take the exams, please make sure you take the exams provided by Simplilearn. I was surprised by the number of questions that I saw in the Simplilearn exams that appeared again in the Exin exam
    In my own case, I took all the 4 exams provided by Simplilearn and reviewed all the answers, especially the wrong ones to understand why the wrong ones were wrong. I equally took the sample exam provided by Exin and read the succeeding with Agile textbook by Cohn. The book is simply very good and thus will urge you to follow my route if it is possible. I wish you all success.
    There was a promise made to us at the beginning of our course, namely Karthik will identify the best attendees and such candidates will have access to any course provided by Simplilearn that they want to study for 60 days. Who are the best participants in my group? Thanks

    Best regards,
    Email: okoliea@yahoo.com
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    Hello Anthony,

    We are happy to know your positive outcome. We always look forward for your delightful learning experience, our respective team would reach out for further assistance, if you're the best participant of the class. Apart from this, We wish you a great career ahead. Please feel free to upgrade your career again by choosing one of our best courses in industry.

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