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First Time CSM


Hi All ,

i just started this thread to share my day by day experiences as iam expecting to take this CSM training in 5 days from now.

Feel free to post your questions and experiences. All tips are welcome here.

I just negotiated with simplilearn and obtained discount on my training cost couple of days ago. You will receive customized secure link to pay for the course which is less than 3k for sure. Please let me know i can refer you and get it done.

I just received my course enrollment confirmation along with location details. Hurry...eager to take it..
I tried to find out the price for the CSM but it gave me a message that this training is not available in my area. They would not even tell me the price on the page. So I cannot tell you how much the CSM course from SimpliLearn costs. Though I don't think it's available online, otherwise I would have been able to get details on pricing.

Om Prakash Bang

Well-Known Member
Standard Fee is approximately 28,000 + Taxes in India. You may get some early bird discounts. CSM training is a 2 Days classroom training and trainer must be Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).