Hello Sir there is an update from Google play deve...

Discussion in 'Web App and Programming' started by Ansuman_2, Sep 5, 2018.

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    Hello Sir there is an update from Google play developer console that after 1 st November 2018 targeting API label 26 is mandatory for publishing application on Google play store . But targeting API Label 26 meaning to loose maximum android devices as there only a few number of Android Oreo users out there. Please draw your attention to this topic and tell us some solution to this issue.
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    Yes Ansuman, I have received an e-mail on the same. As per my knowledge, it is implement due to various changes incorporated in Oreo such as speed and efficiency. This will not be a problem because all the current android phone manufactures are supporting the upgrade option such as one plus, samsung, oppo, redmi note variants and so on. This shouldn't be a problem down the line after 6 months to an year.

    I would suggest, you keep up with the latest or at least Oreo version.
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    I’m keeping the latest version and feeling great. That is the best solution a think. Last update I had a problem with my acc because if it all my purchases were lost. That was hurtful:) But ... It was a beginning of using a perfect service for that situations. I’ve told about this problem to my friend, who is working as an programmer, he suggested me one service that will make my experience less hurtful. He told me about easy methods to get free google play credits in order to get all paid apps for free as well. That was the best solution for me! Now I’m paying just with that credits. I hope my experience will be useful to you.
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