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    Our is a new company that sells services. I have planned the following types of content for different platform. Please help in making the right content strategy at this early stage.
    • Instagram Business Profile- Carasoul containing a short burst of Information (30sec) conveyed by me or an employee with an image of the steps followed. IGTV with little bigger video (suggest how long should it be?). Also, suggest what should Insta stories contain?
    • Youtube Channel- 10min long videos answering information queries, videos covering industry-related events, latest happenings, company related videos.
    • Facebook Business Page- I am confused. What should I do? I am thinking to post a shorter version of the full youtube video + share an article from the website + Company related Info
    • LinkedIn Company Page- I am confused. What should I do?
    • Company Website- Should I have a blog? or suggest something better
    • Suggest one more social channel which is getting popular in India and USA.
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    1. Post some inspirational or business quotes for engagement as you are just starting your business.
    3. Create carousel ads on Facebook for awareness and must include a call to action.
    4. Post some videos or pictures which describes your company and services.
    5. Yes, a blog is a good idea and post articles frequently and optimize your website.
    6. Use Reddit for posting your articles, twitter too.
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