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    Nov 12, 2016
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    Anyone else having problems with Help & Support ticketing system? In the past, I was able to open a ticket, view comments from support staff, and receive email updates with ticket number and staff comments. Now it seems that I can only open a ticket. I don't see support staff comments. I receive emails but with a ref ID instead of ticket number. The status of tickets change but I have no idea why because there are no comments. I've had support staff email me telling me they can't images I've added to the ticket. However, when I log in the images are clearly attached. It's frustrating when staff ask me to provide details that are already available on the ticket. It all seems very one sided. I've reported this to support but staff seem to ignore the situation telling me 'give us some time'. The previous system was not perfect, but it was a lot more transparent than the current system.

    The current Help & Support page doesn't even offer a link to open tickets. You have to find the link elsewhere (global footer - Help & Support works).

    Older tickets (I assume before system update/change) now have no detail or meaningful information but still show in My Tickets.

    This really seems a mess.
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    how do generate new ticket now?

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