Hi, I just completed my course on BA with excel.Be...

Discussion in 'Big Data and Analytics' started by _29394, May 17, 2018.

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    Hi, I just completed my course on BA with excel.Before i move on to next domain would someone please guide me on which course do i go through next. because i do not want to be lost while Im half way through R Programming... so should i first complete big data and spark,core java and kafka before i start R programming just to ensure better grasp of the sessions being taught.. also could you recommend the order in which i could complete the different courses.
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    HI Komal,

    I would be glad to assist you on this. Big data and Data science with R are two different courses and thus, you choose anyone. But however, as you have completed BA with Excel, I would suggest you go in following sequence with R=>SAS=>Python=>Big Data.

    I am sure this will help you. All the very best for your Course completion.

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