Hi, I need a support to correct mistake done by simplilearn staff

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    data scientist -2.png simplylearn-1.png I am Hemant Patel, need help with the course that I enrolled in 2019 which was Data scientist offered by Simplilearn, i have been told that the i will go through 9 different modules and as a part of it I completed first module learning with Python but recently I came to know that due to some error from your end, it shows i got enrolled with Python course and NOT THE DATA SCIENCE course for which I am paying EMIs since months. half of the amount is already paid.

    It's weeks now i am in to the conversation and not getting any final answers from you guys although submitted all the proofs of communication and payment I have already did.

    I am trying to contact few of your communication resources, but not getting proper response, please help me with this.

    Please find the attached details and mistake happen by one of your marketing resource Abin Varghese.

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