How can i join the community ?

Discussion in 'Simplilearn Support' started by Darwish Mohammed, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. Hi all ,,
    i am just wondering to to join the community to start posting there ,, !
    i am already logged in , i can watch self learning videos and check resources and all things ,,
    but when i try to join the community it asks me to ( log in ) , and i cant ,,
    is there any problem ?
    or should i make another account for community only ?
    thank you
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    Hi Darwish,

    When you enrol for the program, you are also enrolled with the community forum. Since you were able to post this message here, please be assured that your community access is working.

    You can visit to find the relevant threads related to your course discussions
  3. Darwish -

    Darwish - Guest

    No I can't join the Digital Marketing forum ..
    i cant even log in !! i contact the help support and my ticket is there since 100+ hours !
    and each time they reply me we solved this tech problem and you can try now ..
    but again i got the same message :
    ((( The requested user '' could not be found. )))

    i can write here maybe because it is the ( Simplilearn Support forum ) and anybody can write here to find answers ...
    and please note that when i want to post here or reply your message it asks for my name , and verification ( such as What is 7+3 ) ..

    and in my reply i changed my name to be sure they dont use my name which i wrote it when i registered in this website in the first place ..


    again , i want to reply and make post about our courses in the ( Digital Marketing forum ) and i cant ,,
  4. plus
    it shows that ( Guest ) under my name ..
    it doesnt show that i am a ( Member ) !!

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