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How long would I need to wait to find out my score on the exam?

You will be able to find out your score as soon as you finish the exam and mark it as complete. This is much more desirable than having to wait a week or two to have results mailed to you.
With instant results on your exam, you will be able to tell how well you have done. It's important to stick around long enough after your exam to collect the results. If you have not passed the exam, then you can take quick action by enrolling in a good study program to allow you to pass the exam on the next time around.


Sam, when I walked out of the test area to the reception area. The receptionist had my scores in hand. I didn't think it was that tough a test, but the one who took the test just before me didn't pass, and he was not a happy camper, between cuss words what I was hearing was it was his third try without success. Sam, If you prepare for the material you should do just fine, The test I took was an adaptive one. Each question got harder and harder when I made a certain level it just stopped and said "See test attendant" Good luck Sam! A+ and N+ were too of my favorite exams!

maganoor suresh

Usally , once you comit submit the exam you will have your score in the next 2 to 5 minutes, to obtain a paper certificate you need to apply after 5 days of certified on the both papers(801&802 completed)