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How many questions are asked for CSM exam?

Can you tell me how many questions are asking on the CSM exam? Also any info on this popular certification exam would be helpful, such as passing mark needed.
CSM Scrum Master Certification is governed by Scrum Alliance.org. Candidates who have passed the CSM exam become CSM Certified Scrum Master. This certification is the most popular professional certification course opted by project managers and IT professionals. This helps them in enhancing their skills by learning more unexplored potentials for improvement in their field through Certified Scrum Master Training. So you may want to know how many questions are asked during CSM Test? As per the Scrum Alliance.org, a Certified Scrum Master Exam comprises of 35 multiple-choice questions in which the passing mark is 24. All the candidates will have 90 days of preparation time before taking up the CSM Exam.

Gregory Downes

I became CSM certified recently. The exam is very easy, and as Blanca said it is 35 questions of which you need to answer 24 correctly. You do need to attend a 2 day in person training by a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider who would then register you to take the exam after completing the 2 day training. So, the training and exam fee are usually bundled together.


As Grogery Said ,

Yes 2 days training is mandatory followed by CSM exam . If your organization can reimburse the certification cost this is the best certification to have fun. And certification exam is online where you can pause if after every question and dig into your brain for answers .

I am at to appear for certification exam any tips welcome.