How to Download recording from LMS

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    Hello Learner,

    You can download the recordings from LMS by following the below steps :

    A. Click on My courses in LMS.
    B. Click on the course name (In Search field) for which you need the download.
    C. Once you are in learning portal, click on “Classes Tab”.
    D. Under Registered Classes, you will find a link “Download Recordings”.
    E. Click on it, then you will get a pop-up with list of classes for that batch along with a download icon.
    F. Click on the icon and save the file to keep the recordings on your system for future reference.
    NOTE: Please disable the Pop up Blocker.Attached the sample screenshot for reference.Do not forget to download the Player link.

    upload_2018-4-23_22-41-20.png upload_2018-4-23_22-41-20.png

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