How to unlock my Agile Scrum Master Certificate?

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    Hello There,

    I am Rakesh Deshpande , Global Teaching Assistant for Agile & Scrum, Mobile / S/W Development and DevOps Categories. You can check my recent posts through my profile.

    I know that you are excited for this course and you are looking forward to complete this course as soon as possible and that's why I am here for :)

    We value your time investing in learning from our experts and we always ensure that you gain the best out of the training program so we have added few checks which will ensure at last that you are truly an Agile Scrum Master. The below description will help you :

    1. Course Completion is must : yes, you read it right. We track the attendance for each day you attend any live class with us. To really understand what an Agile Scrum Maser would do or supposed to do, you should attend minimum 80% of the total number of sessions scheduled. E.g. 8 out of 10 live classes.( Since it is online, Watching recordings would not be counted as part of attendance ).

    2.Pass the Test : As a traditional learning, you learn first and take a test.. Yes, we do the same. Once you complete the course. Go ahead and take any 1 simulation test available in your Syllabus section of Learning Management System and you need to pass it. Minimum score? - I'd would suggest you to try for 100/100. :)

    3.Project Completion : Though we are sure that you theoretically strong, proving your practical skills is what going to help you fetch a job or in a promotion. We have projects where you can pick either of 1 project based on your interest and work on it. You will find the sample project in downloads section which will help you document it and send it through the LMS Portal.

    Hope this post is helpful. Excited to see your wonderful works.
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