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I feel joining Simplilearn has been the greatest mistake I have ever committed!!

Since joining the course all executives who were supposed to assist and ensure learners' experience have behaved in a very hostile manner. After receiving full payment even the counselor whose job would have been continued by our joining the course stopped responding!!

What an amazing institute this has been!!

Tickets are closed without informing and without resolving

Instructors are either naive or with the highest attitude, barring few!!

Now, when I have completed the course 42 days back I am still waiting for the job assistance procedure initiation!! Forget of placement, I am writing for even starting the procedure!!

Once iimjobs contact me through the mail with SEVERAL IFS AND BUTS. THOUGH I CONTACTED HIM ON THE TIME BAND STRICKLY MENTIONED BY HIM, HE HAS OT RESPONDED.. ON asking this EVEN THEY WERE FALL IN LINE WITH SIMPLILEARN!! He was very unprofessional and has assured that we have the most difficult time in our lives!!

These people make an attempt so that learners get disappeared! Does the management aware of this??

Today, after chasing for over 40 days I have lost all hopes as
1) they close the ticket without resolving or calling me,
2) I get single-ring from the call center and then I see my tickets are closed
3) Re-opening the tickets, they close again by stating it as duplicate.

Here, I write to seek immediate assistance and as a courtesy 'A REFUND AS WELL' against giving us torture through all of their executives and faculties!!

Hope someone shall listen to me through this platform as my raising tickets are all going unanswered and illegitimately closed!!
My above issue has yet not resolved after 4 months!!!

My 'Job Assist' has not been activated and there are all kinds of executives I am required to talk to!! Simplilearn has hired all 'junior' and 'immature' executive who doesn't know how to interact with the learners. They make a commitment that is never fulfilled... They then start arguing instead to focusing on resolution.....

They do not understand that we have paid for the committed services, and we raise issues only after the commitment is not honored. We are the suffers... But, the executive like Nitesh after receiving salaries from our fees, start arguing and embarrass us...

Will I get Job Assistance or not???

What are the contact details of the Top management of Simplilearn??? I want to speak to them and escalate the issue.... I want a refund or penalty for wasting my 4 months...
One Ms.Salina Subudhi called me and asked me to brief my issues..... There are more than 100 tickets raised, 'n' numbers of calls and email exchanges that have happened. But, she has not taken the effort to go through the record before calling.. Over that she is saying, she is not in 'customer service', then why is she even calling me.....

However, I patiently explained my things for 10 minutes. After listening she asked me below two questions before which I couldn't take more...
1) Which program you enrolled for?
2) Did you complete the program??

Will it make sense even to continue the conversation with this lady!!

It is really too much....

Kindly help me with the contact details of the top management at the earliest.