I installed Hadoop 2.7.1 and java-8-openjdk in UBU...

Discussion in 'Big Data and Analytics' started by Indranil Roy, Aug 31, 2016.

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    I installed Hadoop 2.7.1 and java-8-openjdk in UBUNTU . I was following the step from

    I started having issues in step 23
    Execute hadoop version command to check if the latest version is installed. Process if you see the latest version is installed.

    When I execute Roy@roy-virtualbox:~$hadoop version

    It is throwing an error hadoop: command not found

    I might be going wrong in step number 21, while doing the export. Or making the .bashrc file. please help
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    HI Indranil,

    cd $HADOOP_HOME or cd $HADOOP_HOME/bin depending on how the product is installed.

    In fact, I'm sure that the directory where the hadoop command is installed is not in your PATH.

    You can modify the PATH of your account by editing the .bashrc file in your home directory and by putting this line at the end :

    export PATH=$PATH:/home/hadoop/work/hadoop-1.1.2

    Of course, if the hadoop command is not right under /home/hadoop/work/hadoop-1.1.2, you will have to add the full directory and not limit you to Hadoop home directory.

    You can find the right location of hadoop by typing locate hadoop.

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