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In the Agile Scrum Master Simulation Test Paper 1....

Aditya (1867)

Active Member
In the Agile Scrum Master Simulation Test Paper 1. I have a doubt in Question 13. Why is the answer not A. Isn't the Scrum Master responsible to making sure that no external factors effect the team ?


Staff member
Hi Aditya,

It will be helpful if you can provide complete question with the options, because not everyone will have access to the information.
Hi Aditya,

The external factors as you mentioned here are the ones who have no relation with the project yet are capable of affecting it. As per the question, the architect is the reviewer and thus a stakeholder. As a Scrum Master it is our job to take the feedback and work upon them. But it is also necessary to keep in mind that a SM is NOT a decision maker, rather a facilitator. He can't make decisions on the technical aspects, for which the Procuct Owner is there. Every little thing has to go through him, as he is the one holding the reigns. Thus the answer can not be A.

Hope this helps.