Instructions for Downloading your Electronic Courseware, Lab Manuals, and Tools.

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    Step 1:
    Visit: If you have an account already, skip to Step 4.
    Step 2:
    Click Register and fill out the registration form. Click Register button.
    Step 3:
    Using the email you provided in step 2, follow the instructions in the auto-generated email to activate your EC-Council Aspen Portal account.
    Step 4:
    Login using your Username and Password.
    Step 5:
    Once successfully logged in, click Academia icon under the Learning Resources section. It will open Academia page.
    Step 6:
    Enter the access code below in the Access Code field and click Submit button.
    Access Code: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Step 7:
    If your Access Code is valid, you will be able to view the e-courseware and lab manuals in the Select Courseware dropdown menu.
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