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Is anyone preparing for 2021 PMP exams.?

Hello Mainak
Am planning to take up the exam for PMP 2021 sooner, kindly request you to connect and add me to group.
Also provide insight on how to attend Agile course also since the exam will have 50 percent of questions from Agile.

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
Hi, Arun - please review and see if this finds value. It's what I've put together after listening to my students.

Preparation Process
Here is how Tim suggests EVERYONE prepare. This is only an overview and
we'll go into Painful detail later.

Phase 1 This class. Pay attention, document where you are confused
and / or frustrated. These are your weakness, focus on reviewing,
researching and asking questions there.

Phase 2 After this class is over. Daily challenge yourself -
20-50 practice questions, sitting as if in the real exam -
no support material, only paper, pencil and a simple calculator.

DOCUMENT: the questions you are getting wrong. Dissect these
questions, and ask, ask, ask. Review in the material Tim recommends.
Ask for clarification.
Focus on your weaknesses.
If you are doing this daily and not seeing progress in your
practice every 3-4 days, ask about that as well.
People get stuck here, because their analysis is generally not
as thorough as they think it is.

Phase 2 generally takes people about 4-8 weeks, you can do it
sooner, but you will sacrifice work-life balance.

This assumes studying about 1 hour per day.

WE also suggest...

Phase 3 When you are consistently scoring 80-85% you have enough
knowledge. THEN: schedule your exam. Schedule it out about 2-3 weeks.
* work on staying on task (focus).
* work on confidence.
* work on time management.