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Is the Data Found in Keyword Tools Actual Searches


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From Matt Bailey talking about SEO, at one point when I was listening to him about keyword data, I heard that every number from a keyword tool (maybe Google Ads) corresponds to an actual search by an actual searcher.

Then, in Advanced SEO lesson 5.3 I just heard him say that the data comes from 10-20 different sources and is extrapolated and created by an algorithm.

That is different than each number corresponding to a literally search made by a literal search.

What is the way that the data comes to you? Is it literally data, and so you can have a very high trust in it? Or is it 2nd hand data?



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I just read that "only Googles tools provide Google-only data." So, I bet Google tools are accurate to Google. Of course Google doesn't give you the exact number, only a range of number.

The other keyword tools then I assume get their data from multiple search engines, not just Google. I wonder if the choice of search engine could indicate a different type of person. I bet yes. So then are Google's tools the better options? Specifically in the U.S. since its the biggest search engine in the United States.

So, is the data skewed by providing data from other countries that speak the same language but might tend towards a different search engine? For instance, does a English keyword tool provide results from all English speakers no matter the search engine? It seems to me that optimizing for Google is top number one priority and it would be completely reasonable to not worry about other search engines unless your business is already highly highly optimized for Google.
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