Is there a template for work performance data and ...

Discussion in 'PMP' started by Anand Mohite, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Is there a template for work performance data and work performance report.
    Also, I tried submitting a project 3 and while calculating answer for question C, I presumed some values and calculate work performance information, I am not sure why the status of the submission marked as failed?
    Are we not supposed to presume the numbers wherever it's applicable?
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    Work Performance Data is just that - data. It's the outcome of inspections, and created in Direct and Manage Project Work. There is data for each knowledge area outside Integration management - scope data, schedule data, cost, quality, HR, risk, procurement and Stakeholder data. An example is "We spent $5,000 last week." It has no context, i.e. we don't know whether it's bad or not. Specific control processes turn their data into information, which is aggregated into Monitor & Control Project work, which in turn, generates Work Performance Reports. An example of Cost Information is "We are now $500 over budget." This is a variance, which we now can take action on. However, this is aggregated as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of my dashboard (Work Performance Report), which is shared with stakeholders and team.

    The problem in Project 3 asks for definitions first - you can find these on p. 467 of the PMBOK Guide. The Work Performance Data is the outcome of comparing status ("Where are we?") to plan ("Where should we be?"). This can be a discussion, and if you wish, you could attempt to describe potential options once you convert it to information (Is this good? Bad? How good? How bad?).

    The required numbers are there; we generally make these types of problems more complicated.

    Please keep discussing; if you crack this for this scenario, you have cracked it for all knowledge areas.

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