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Issue to submit my assignment

Hi Mr Arindam,
I hope you are well. I ran into some issues to upload the R assignment into the google drive. The upload function is grayed out. I raise the issue to the support group, but It has not been resolved. Since the community is a public space, I would like to know if I could attach my assignment here or if you could provide me with another option. If it's ok to attach my assignment in the community, please let me know.

The class you teached last Sunday was my last or 10th class in Data Science Programming with R as I started at the 5th class with a the previous group. I know that I need to complete a project, is thre also an exam to close out this course or the exam is at the end of the program?

here is my personal email: bertinsimeon@hotmail.com

Thank you in advance for your answer.
Bertin Siméon