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    There are three kinds of changes - emergency, normal and standard changes. Emergency changes are changes which comes with RFC, tagged as emergency and will be addressed by E-CAB such as complete failure of the network which is leading to revenue loss. Normal changes are changes which are normal in nature such as fixing the defects, or improving the network performance and will be addressed by CAB. Standard changes are pre-authorized changes which are already approved and are low risk changes.An example would be password changes.

    Here is a question on this:

    Which of the following statements is incorrect about standard change?

    a. A standard change is a low risk change
    b. Standard changes are pre-authorized changes
    c. Standard changes are authorized by E-CAB
    d. Standard changes are well known, documented and proven

    Option C would be the right one, all the other options are applicable to a standard change.

    Do you have more thoughts on this, please share...
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    as you mention option C is the right one E-CAB authorize emergency changes only
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