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Discussion in 'PMP' started by _19325, Mar 2, 2018.

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    Just wanted to thank the SimpliLearn staff (Tim especially. Thanks Tim!) for the help and also wanted to pay it forward with tips that worked for me.

    Passed on my first attempt (not sure if passing on the first attempt is a thing?) yesterday March 1, with an Above Target rating overall (Above Target on Initiate, Planning, Monitor & Control and Closing, Target on Executing).

    Tips that worked for me:
    1) Simulate the exam as much as you can. I went to the library and did my practice exams there just so I can get used to distractions and learn to focus. Although the actual Prometric testing area was quiet, you'd want to get in the habit of being able to focus quick.
    2) Split your time and try to get a specific number of questions done every 30 minutes. During practice I did 29 questions every 30 minutes to get done within 3.5 hours.
    3) If there are questions that you are losing sleep over, throw it up here and wait for Tim to respond :)

    Good luck to everyone here. I'll see everyone here in the finish line.
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    Congratulations Michael on becoming a PMP certified. All the Best.

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