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LSSGB Projects 1 and 2 - (Increasing Hospital POS Collections/Improving Bank Call Center Operations

Hello all, I just finished the live classes for my LSSGB certification and am now seeking help completing the Hospital POS and Bank call center projects. Could someone please email me at ndoyleyjr@gmail.com with any assistance you can share?

Thank you so much in advance. God bless.



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Simplilearn Support

Please refer to the LSSGB Project assistance link below ,you can refer to it and complete your project:

>Please follow the steps below to submit the project;

>Login to LMS account,under the "Assessment" tab
>Select the project you want to work on and select "submit" option at the bottom right corner of the
LMS portal.
>Attach pdf, doc, ppt, jpg, png format files in one word document by selecting "ADD" in all the
sections like writeup,screenshots,source code and select "Submit".

Note:Do not use any special characters while submitting the project file to avoid uploading error.
I hope this helps!
I, too, am struggling to finish the Hospital POS system project. I would appreciate any help from someone that has taken it to assist me. Answers would be appreciated. I need to complete this very soon. Have passed my test. My email is hagsip778@gmail.com. I thank you in advance for any help.


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Anyone recently submitted Project 1 - Increasing Hospital POS Collections, and Project 2 - Improving Bank Center Operations? Can someone please send me the excel spreadsheets needed to complete both projects? My email is avinash.keen@gmail.com. Thank you!
please help me.
Many thanks


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Hi, Please raise ticket using help & support, Team will assist you.

Please follow the steps below to raise
"Help and support" ticket.
>Login to LMS account,
>Select "help" icon on the top right hand side of the LMS page
>Select any query
>Connect to "Arya" the virtual assistant
>Select "other"
>To raise a ticket select " yes"


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Please help your batch mates .

Guys if you still have difficulty then raise a support ticket

akarsh k

Simplilearn Support
Team attached the sample project of Hospital POS & Bank call center

Please raise ticket for excel spreadsheets if needed


  • 1472085_2779_38_1_1627987911_Hospital POS Project.pdf
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  • 1308889_2779_39_1_1623832163_Bank Call Centre - Project (1).pdf
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