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Machine Learning Advanced Certification | March 22 - April 9th

improved version with faster way to create corr.
heatmap = sns.heatmap(my_data[['reduced_lunch', 'school_rating']].corr()) #a faster way to get correlation from selected column


  • DemoML.ipynb - Colaboratory_V2.pdf
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data = pd.DataFrame({'Age':data.data[0], 'Sex':data.data[1],'Body mass index':data.data[2]
, 'Average blood pressure':data.data[3], 'S1':data.data[4], 'S2':data.data[5]
, 'S3':data.data[6], 'S4':data.data[7], 'S5':data.data[8], 'S6':data.data[9]})