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Machine Learning Advanced Certification | Rajesh Prabhakar Kaila | April 10 - May 15

Hi Rajesh Sir,

I am getting one issue while concatenating two dataset which don't have missing value . i am attaching screenshot. please see once and help me.
Error is Shape of passed values is (1484464, 10), indices imply (1017266, 10)



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New Member
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Hello, everyone. I have a few issues regarding project#2. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here goes:
Q1) A section of the assignment says :
  • Set poverty level of the members and the head of the house within a family."
What does this mean? From my understanding the target variable is the poverty level which can take values 1 to 4. What exactly are we to set therefore?

Q2) Why does the question say to : "
  • Remove null value rows of the target variable", when there are none?

Q3) My Random Forest Classifier gives me an accuracy of around 92% upon cross validation. It does give 99% on the test set so there is slight overfitting. Is this classifier acceptable for this kind of dataset?

Thank you in advance.

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Staff member
Hello Learners,

We Apologise for the inconvenience caused here in this regard.

We had an extended batch that was not visible in your LMS portal. however, we will share the recordings for this batch that has happened on 16th May.
We will share the recordings to your registered Email ID. Kindly download as soon as possible.

HI All,

In Mercedes Benz problem there is one condition
  • If for any column(s), the variance is equal to zero, then you need to remove those variable(s).
  • if I am calculating variance for train set only there are 5-6 feature which i need to remove but when i combined train data and test data then I am not getting any value for which variance is 0. what should i do? anyone who is working on this problem please help me


Simplilearn Support
I received the session link but unable to join ... can any one help me
Hi, Please raise ticket using help & support, Team will assist you.

Please follow the steps below to raise
"Help and support" ticket.
>Login to LMS account,
>Select "help" icon on the top right hand side of the LMS page
>Select any query
>Connect to "Arya" the virtual assistant
>Select "other"
>To raise a ticket select " yes"
hello sir,
while running the belowcode, I am getting this error. Can you please help ?
from amazon_product_review_scraper import amazon_product_review_scraper
review_scraper = amazon_product_review_scraper(amazon_site="amazon.in", product_asin="B07X6V2FR3")
reviews_df = review_scraper.scrape()
AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-10-a59f9eff21de> in <module>
1 from amazon_product_review_scraper import amazon_product_review_scraper
----> 2 review_scraper = amazon_product_review_scraper(amazon_site="amazon.in", product_asin="B07X6V2FR3")
3 reviews_df = review_scraper.scrape()
4 reviews_df.head(5)

~\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\amazon_product_review_scraper\amazon_product_review_scraper.py in __init__(self, amazon_site, product_asin, sleep_time, start_page, end_page)
27 self.reviews_dict = {"date_info":[], "name":[], "title":[], "content":[], "rating":[]}
---> 29 self.proxies = self.proxy_generator()
30 self.max_try = 10
31 self.ua = ua.random

~\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\amazon_product_review_scraper\amazon_product_review_scraper.py in proxy_generator(self)
168 soup = BeautifulSoup(response.content, 'html.parser')
169 proxies_table = soup.find(id='proxylisttable')
--> 170 for row in proxies_table.tbody.find_all('tr'):
171 proxies.append({
172 'ip': row.find_all('td')[0].string,

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'tbody'

[ ]: