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Mimic pro simulator access


Staff member
Simplilearn Support
Hi Ritesh, We have forwarded the request to the concerned LSM
Please follow the below-mentioned steps to log in to stukent account.

Stukent Access:

You can go to the below link and use the below credentials for Stukent.

Email ID - Registered email id
Password - Stukent@123

Below are the Mentoring Session links.

Round 1 - https://simplilearnsolutions.webex....ldr.php?RCID=2d7f4918ecb250b1a44a79d75398d1fd

Round 2 & 3 - https://simplilearnsolutions.webex....ldr.php?RCID=7e24887bbfa9da4c9580855bdab2e4a0