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Minute on the Internet

Hi Team,

This is Kadambari Johri from India.

I am working in BFSI Sector as Marketing Officer and studying Digital Marketing & Social Media Management & Marketing.

I am keen to learn more about "A Minute on the Internet" and also Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing.

Please help me with information to study and know more about it.

You can contact me on my email address: tanyajohri@gmail.com.

Kind request to help me with the same.

Kadambari Johri


Well-Known Member
Pretty sure a "minute on the internet" is just a way to show the scale of the internet. A lot happens in just one minute on the internet. This is a testament to the popularity of the internet. It just shows that we use the internet a lot as humans.

Am I missing something? I don't know if there's any practical application of "a minute on the internet." It's just a demonstration of the immense scale of the internet.