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Mr. Sachin Sehgal | Mentoring Session for March Advanced PPC batch| Advanced PPC


Simplilearn Support Community Manager
Staff member
Simplilearn Support
Hello Learners, Please post you questions and topics, that you need Mr. Sachin to cover in the 4 hour Mentoring session, that we are going to schedule. Will keep recording your responses for5-7 days from 16th May, and then will schedule a 4 hour lecture accordingly.

Romaine Piper

New Member
Topic: Video Ads
Question: Could you help us decide how to write scripts and what else goes into constructing quality YouTube Ads?

Topic: Discovery Ads
Other question: Is there a way to boost the effectiveness of Discovery Ads (like minimizing how much it appears on YouTube over Gmail, etc)?

Saurabh Shukla(2134)

New Member
Hello Sir,
thank you to conducting this session, Please guide to me about best practice for large reach against YouTube video either keyword/audience persona etc.

Thank You
Hello sir,
I am not able to understand,
1- How to decide the budget for each day
2- how to set default bid for different ad groups?
3- How to use audience manager for audience targeting & performance planner?
4- Best practice to improve Ad strength
5-Please explain all the use of Tools & settings of Google ads.

Thank you so much
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