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Need help in completing Course 3 Conversion and Strategy

I can't solve the assesments for Course 3 as the required assessments (1 live class and 1 simulation test) don't show up under the assessments-tab). If I remember correctly, if have read somewhere that Course 3 is no longer valid, as it was integrated into Course 2 (which I completed before). Has anybody the same issue? Do I need to update Course 2 and run through it again to complete the programme? Will I then loose my Certificate of Course 2 so far? Course 3 is the last necessary course that is missing to complete the whole Master program.


Simplilearn Support
Hi, Please raise ticket using help & support, Team will assist you.

Please follow the steps below to raise
"Help and support" ticket.
>Login to LMS account,
>Select "help" icon on the top right hand side of the LMS page
>Select any query
>Connect to "Arya" the virtual assistant
>Select "other"
>To raise a ticket select " yes"