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Discussion in 'CEH' started by Kristofer, Dec 29, 2019.

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    Dec 26, 2019
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    I have just signed up for the course last week and already my 5 days is about to be up, since then I have been able to log in and view the course and only been able to watch the very first video "demo on aspen and ilabs" within that video the teacher instructs to log in and download the course material, and that is where I'm having trouble with is I do not have any emails with any "codes" to unlock or get into any aspen course materials, also in the self-learning section of the course I can only view a few videos and they are random. The previous class recordings I have downloaded but even in the very first one, I can get the teacher is talking and going through stuff that I clearly have not been able to get too or have the course materials to use and go ahead with.

    I have contacted support multiple times, I had someone call me today that was not very helpful at all

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