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    Q. There are 9 teams working on a large international project. All of them are composed of highly experienced developers that have been working in Scrum environments for a long time. How many Scrum Master roles are needed for this project?
    A. 0, because the teams are experienced enough
    B. 1 Scrum Master role is enough for the entire project
    C. 9, because each team needs a Scrum Master role
    D. 3 Scrum Masters, with one for three teams

    Correct Option: D

    It does not matter how experienced the developers are, they still need Scrum Master, at least for removing impediments and protecting the team from distractions. In scaled Scrum, each team needs a Scrum Master role. One person can be the Scrum Master for more than one team.

    My doubt is, why correct is not C?

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