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    Dec 7, 2017
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    hi simplilearn

    I am going through online classes but not getting any thing practical on hand. also need project 1 - getting ready to market . request you to please provide
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    Hi Learner,

    This is to inform you that you would learn the concept and tools in the session and on the last day you would be thought to work on Simulation tool to implement the concepts of Digital Marketing.

    You would be working on Stukent Mimic Pro, which is the simulation lab.

    This is to inform you that as a part of Digital Marketing Specialist course, you need to work on Stukent Mimic Pro simulation lab. The lab has 10 rounds with template based. You may watch the video post login in to the portal and you would be able to work on the lab. Once done, you need to submit the results of 5 rounds by capturing the screenshot on a Word document and submitting it through Project tab on LMS under Project 1 section. You need to click on Submit button and then attach the file under both the section and then click on Submit.

    Once we receive your project, it would be evaluated with 5 working days and then you need to complete any one of the simulation test available on LMS under Syllabus section of DMCA course on OMCA. You need to score 60% and above to clear the test.

    In terms of projects in advance course, you can use your existing site to generate report and address the question or Google Merchandise or it can be concept based.

    Adding to this, DMCA course has real time projects that starts from scratch to built a Website and then proceed with Analytics, AdWords, Facebook and YouTube. This project is optional however you may work on it if interested.

    Please find the credentials for accessing Stukent Mimic Pro lab:

    Kindly click on the link below and login using the e-mail address and the password listed below:


    E-mail address: Your e-mail ID that you have used in order to purchase the course


    The name of the lab would be DMCA Practise Lab that you need to use.

    You would be trained on this lab on the last day of the training.

    Following are the Key Principles of this Lab:

    Keyword Planner, SEO, E-mail Marketing, Content Marketing, Landing Page Creation, Pay Per Click Advertising, A/B Ad Testing, Keyword Bidding, Ad Copy Writing, and New Product Launch.

    Work on Simulation Projects and submit the project after 5 rounds from Stukent.

    Adding to this, you may also attend Project Mentoring and Submission class for which you must have received an invite. Kindly check all e-mails including spam.
  3. adarsh makhija

    Mar 21, 2019
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    So the projects must be done only when the Self Learning Videos are completely watched?
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    Hi Adarsh,

    Yes please complete the self-learning videos first and then go for the projects so that you will be able to complete the project in a better way.

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