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    What’s new for you?

    · Commitment to a weekly Study Plan

    · Set a Focus Course to breakdown chapters into weekly to-do’s

    · Learn better with Notes and Q&A Forum

    · Real-time course progress & certificate download while learning a course

    · Simpler account management: invoices, subscriptions, certificates, settings, etc.

    1. What is study plan and how do we setup?

    · On first-time login to Paperclip, you are asked to select the number of hours you plan to dedicate every week for your learning. This is you weekly Study Plan: a self-commitment you make at the start of your learning journey. You can edit the weekly Study Plan at any time.

    2. What is Focus course?

    · A Focus Course is when you decide to dedicate all the Study Plan hours to learning one single course. The USP of setting a Focus Course is that the entire course curriculum is broken down into smaller capsules of weekly to-do’s, in accordance with the Study Plan. One has the freedom to not strictly follow the to-do’s as planned in each week, you may choose to hop from one chapter (to-do) to another across multiple weeks and the system shall automatically adjust to your natural learning patterns. It is a highly flexible system that helps you in making tangible progress every week.

    3. Simplilearn’s advice on setting up Study plan/Focus course.

    · The average learning time devoted by professionals who successfully complete their courses on Simplilearn is about 3 – 4 hours a week. Using this statistic, we recommend a weekly Study Plan of at least 3 hours per week.

    4. How to change study plan under focus course or Focus course itself.

    · Once you set your focus course you can change the study plan or the focus course itself from the main page. Click on the option “modify focus course” (This is a suggestion, at present there is an icon instead which is way too small to get noticed) and personalize your study plan.

    5. How do I register for a new LVC batch?

    · Login to LMS> Online classroom> Register.

    6. How do I get my order invoice?

    · Login to your LMS and select the dropdown option on the top right hand corner > Click on invoices > Select the order number and click on print.

    7. How do I claim PDU /course completion certificate?

    · Login to your LMS and select the dropdown option on the top right hand corner > Click on Certificates > Select the course> Enter the desired name on the certificate and submit. Alternately, you can unlock the certificate within the Learning Environment.

    8. Help through Simplilearn community forum.

    · You can always visit our community forum which provides a social experience of learning together. You can post your questions to seek clarification and answer others questions for the best of your knowledge. Our industry experts are around to help.

    9. My Resources - Articles/Webinars/Videos/E-books.

    · My Resources option guides you to our popular and latest articles, upcoming webinars, short videos of various courses and free e-books.

    10. How can I download offline course content?

    · To download E-book/Offline course content click on the course name under online self-learning tab and download the desired offline content from “Downloads” section.

    11. Where are the Simulation Tests?

    · You can find Simulation tests under online self-learning tab. Kindly scroll down the page under “Lessons” section, the tests are available at the end of the page.

    12. New Feature- Notes

    · While you are going through the online self-learning module you now have an option to make “Notes” during the e-learning process, this helps you to make a note of key points, features etc.

    13. What is Community Forum?

    · Simplilearn Community forum is a feature that you find useful is the QnA Forum. Apart from the facility to take down Notes as the course is being learnt, the QnA Forum provides the social experience of learning together. Research shows that the best learning happens when a learner can discuss and ask questions about the learning material with fellow learners. This is exactly what the QnA Forum does, you can post new questions or provide answers to other questions, like an online Learning Community.

    14. Help through sort option.

    · This option helps when you have multiple course assigned to your account. You can sort the course by Progress, Recent, A-Z or Z-A.

    15. Where do I check my Learning Logs?

    · In the online self-learning module there is three dots Icon> Once you click on that you will get a dropdown, select “view learning logs” to check on your learning timestamps.

    16. What is daily effort?

    · Daily effort displays the number of learning hours spent on our LMS by you on each day of the past weeks. It’s essentially a summation of all Learning Logs of yours (which are course-specific).

    Additional features

    Paperclip has a smartly designed Learning Environment which keeps an accurate track of the user’s learning path within a course. Some user-friendly features are:

    · Takes you to the place where you left the video on the last visit.

    · Maps the Notes and question posted on the QnA Forum to the precise video-time within a chapter where you saved the Note or question. Meaning, you can navigate to that very video-time to gain the right context before answering a question or reading your old note.

    · Real-time unlocking of certificate within the Learning Environment.

    · Easy to keep track of and manage invoices, unlocked certificates, subscription plans, etc.

    In case you face any issues please call us or write to us through Help and Support we are always here to help you!
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