No Proper follow up with candidate once the money is paid for all the courses

Discussion in 'Simplilearn Support' started by B Chaitanya(2745), Sep 2, 2015.

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    I had completed my ITIL foundation course through your organization via classroom. I was very happy about the way the course happened and the was able to get ITIL foundation certified. After that I contacted the organization for getting ITIL Intermediate certified and they provided all the information required until i paid them the complete money for the ITIL Intermediate suite. This happened in February. I thought i could complete all my courses by June. Until i could only finish i certification after 100's of follow to enroll me into a session and examination after that. After that i am struggling to get enrolled for the next session i.e. ITIL® Intermediate RCV Online Training. I was enrolled for my online course and i have only 4 days left and still not enrolled for my Online training.

    This is very poor service and not very happening.


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    Hi Chaitanya,

    We constantly work on initiatives to ensure that your learning experience is smooth, effective, and dynamic. Sorry to hear that this particular experience was not at par. It will now be looked into personally by me.

    We have extended your online course access. Please login to your LMS account and check it. Also, please find the below upcoming LVC schedules. If you are comfortable with these schedules, let us know, we will send you the link and login credentials to attend it.

    Course: ITIL® Intermediate RCV
    Batch: 4 Weekend
    Training dates: 2015-09-12,2015-09-13,2015-09-19,2015-09-20
    Start time: 14:30 IST
    End time: 18:30 IST

    Course: ITIL® Intermediate SOA
    Batch: 4 Weekend
    Training dates: 2015-09-05,2015-09-06,2015-09-12,2015-09-13
    Start time: 14:30 IST
    End time: 18:30 IST

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