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Online Classroom Attendance update in LMS

Mukesh Sahu

Simplilearn Support
Hello Learners,

After attending 1 or 2 session you would have experienced "0 classes attended" in Classes tab or "Yet to start Class" in certificate tab.

The attendance will be only marked after attending all the session of the class. You would have noticed a tick mark on the date you have attended the session. The tick mark will only appear if you have attended minimum 80% of session duration. If the tick mark appears on all the session the attendance will get updated.

If you attend partial class (e.g. first few sessions in one class and remaining sessions in another class, your attendance will not be marked. So it's mandatory to attend all the sessions of the batch to get your attendance marked.

Class attendance captured.JPG


New Member
Hi Mukesh,
I (fully) attended a session yesterday which has not been "ticked" while the one I attended today is already ticked. What is the process for this online session to regularize ?
And how to contact support via chat ?

Mukesh Sahu

Simplilearn Support
Hello, There might be any technical glitch. It will be resolved after you attend the remaining sessions.

You can use our Help and Support page for any query. Most of the FAQs are answered.
hello Mr. Mukesh,

I have attended all sessions from 6th Jan'18 to 28th Jan'18. Previously non of the session was showing attended, means tick was not there, I have raised request on support ID & now out of 8 6 class showing attended by still two out of them not showing attended. Please look into the matter.


I enrolled in classes on May-7, so I missed first two classes.How can i attain 85% attendance? shud i register first 2 classes later?