Passed AWS Solution Arichectect Associate Exam

Discussion in 'Cloud Computing' started by Parag Mishra, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Hi Team,

    I am from the June 29 Batch of AWS Solution Architect Associate batch conducted by Sonal Sharda Mam. Today I appeared for AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate exam and I am happy to inform that I have passed the exam successfully. I am very much thankful to Sonal mam for the way she taught in depth and guided through the important topics. Besides hands on practicing 2 times as taught by mam and also going through the white papers, other strategies that I followed were:

    (i.) AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate 2019 by Ryan Kroonenburg(Udemy)
    (ii.) AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate Hands on by Neal Davis(Udemy)
    (iii.) AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate Notes by Neal Davis
    (iv.) AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate Practice Questions by Jon Bonso (Udemy) (This has got many difficult questions to practice which can be very much helpful in preparation of exams)
    (v.) AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate Practice Questions from Whizlabs

    Thanks & Regards,
    Parag Mishra

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    Many Congratulations Parag!!!
    Really appreciate your efforts you put in for exam preparation.
    Thanks for sharing your strategy,this will be an help to others.

    Thanks & Regards
  3. Pinky Chopra_1

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    Hi parag ,i also want to appear for solution architect exam. Did u buy all of the above courses you mentioned from Udemy.
    How much practice n time we need to spend on learning.I m working as well so thats why asking.Kindly help

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