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Passed my exam after one month of studying

Hello SimpliLearn

I passed my exam yesterday after studying on and off for a month. I got above target on 3 sections, 1 section(initiation) - needs improvement, 1 section - Target

feedback to simpliLearn users who is going to take the exam

1. I failed on all simulation tests on SimpliLearn, I only had the time to do 6 out of 7 tests once.
2. The real test doesn't include questions about different people and their theories, example names of who invented the theories
3. Real test is full of practical scenarios that has atleast two closest answers. Often the questions are coupled with multiple processes and we have to choose the right answer from the right process
4. There were only like two or three math questions
5. In addition to simplilearn, I also practiced questions that are freely available on the internet
6. I'm a full time working professional with little to no time usually, to put effort on studying. So I used to study on my mobile phone during commuting (20 mins), during lunch or whenever I feel like studying. Simplilearn tests were not so user frdly on mobile. Once you finish the exam you cannot check the failed questions at a later time on the mobile phone. I had to actually make time for it when I'm at home just to review my answers and sometimes the timer is not accurate and it submitted my exam.
7. Most of the times I studied for 30 min intervals at different times of the day. Some days during the month I did not even study because I was unable to focus
8. I just focused on ITTO and some PMP concepts more than math, which worked out very well for me considering there are only 2 simple math questions in the exam
9. Two days before my exam (sat and Sun) all I did was study ITTO and I had someone asking me questions for two days in a row about Inputs tools and output ( 8 to 10 hrs each day). That helped me tremendously.

Realization: The one thing I would have done better if I had realized it earlier is that I should have started learning ITTO first instead of doing the questions. I downloaded free ITTO table from the internet and went through it that last 10 days before my exam.

I'm not exactly sure why SimpliLearn doesn't provide a ITTO table. I guess they want us to prepare it by ourselves. I have my own time constraints and I choose to reuse the table that is freely available online

Good luck to everyone.

Hope my learning curve helps someone.

P.S: I have exposure to some of the PMP topics in my day to day work through observation of other PM's. At the end we are all different with different learning abilities. Choose your own way of Learning to nail the exam.

Last Note to SimpliLearn: The live class I attended last year was amazing, although I took my course last year at the end of August I did not get a chance to take the exam till now. Some of the suggestions that the instructor gave are still inside my head, as he is very very effective.

Thanks SimpliLearn


Hi Vidya,

Congratulations on passing PMP. Can you share the ITTO table that you prepared here on the forum or on my email id?