Passed my PMP exam yesterday in first attempt

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    Hi Everyone , I have passed my PMP exam on 10/01/2018 (Yesterday), I would like share my journey or analysis which may be helpful for you :)

    Books I referred –

    · Rita –Twice (one time cover to cover and other time skimmed)

    · PMBOK – (Twice, One time cover to cover and other time I referred PMBOK for any confusion)

    · SIMPLYLEARN VIDEOS (Great source of learning , especially when you Kick-off and nearer to exam date)

    · HEADFIRST (I actually had no intent to read this book , however , since I didn’t get early date the 10th Jan 2018 to any nearest prometric center , so I had time so I referred this book as well)

    · PMP EXAM mentor App – This is used to play whenever I used to get time.

    My Journey

    I started my Journey with Simply Learn videos before the actual Live training ,to be honest I completed it before the training and it was a Good revision when I covered the same topics while my Live training , During Live sessions I have started reading RITA and I used to give the exam at the end of every chapter and used to calculate my percentage , When I completed RITA and done with the Live training , I was under impression that I am all set for the exam , so I picked the first mock test and my score was 58% , So I thought there are still Gaps in my Knowledge so what I did I started reading PMBOK and after every chapter I again attempted RITA question at the end of every chapter and when I matched my score it was almost same to the previous one , then I picked the second mock test and this time the score was nearly 68% and studied more PMBOK and attempted third Mock test score was 64% , so I was worried and confused where I am lacking , so you know what Blunder I was doing I was not even going through my mistakes I did in the mock test and RITA exercise, and then I came across two terms Kaizen (Continuous small Improvements) and PDCA and worked on their theory and when I reviewed my mistakes after that my scores were in 4th Mock test was 80 % and similar scores were there for the 5th simulation test. During my Journey I attempted Oliver Lehmann 75 and 175 as well and in all STUDIED around 2000 questions. One thing I wanted to mention here attempting real exam after RITA without PMBOK still you can think off , however attempting real exam after headfirst without PMBOK is suicidal , there were so many things I found were missing in Headfirst(people may have different views). I used to ask question on forum and Hats of to Simply Learn their experts responded to it and guided well.

    My Test Scores

    · Simulation 1 = 58%

    · Simulation 2 = 68

    · Simulation 3 = 64%

    · Simulation 4 = 80 %

    · Simulation 5 = 78 %

    · Oliver Lehmann 75 = 62% (The score was low because so many terms were not part of PMBOK)

    · Oliver Lehmann 175 = 68 %( The score was low because so many terms were not part of PMBOK)

    · I was Da VINCI ON Project management website.

    *Advice from Tim Jerome refer to Oliver’s test for awareness that was very true*

    Week Before the EXAM : A week Before the exam I didn’t attempted any Mock test and I revised PMBOK skimmed level and watched Simply learn videos and stressed on my weak Process area.

    A day before the exam (HIGHLY Recommended) – I read the definition and key benefit of all the 47 processes and same goes for tools and techniques , after that closed all the books and had couple of beers and watched movie.

    EXAM –Before the test had RED BULL and to my surprise there were at least 10-15 questions related to Crashing and Fast-tracking and tons of questions from RISK/Stakeholder and after that scope and Communication and HR , around 12 questions from EVM pretty much straight. And in my exam the thing which worked a lot for me the activity I did before the exam where I gone through all the definitions, because there were so many situational questions where you should remember the definition and benefit of particular tool. I completed my exam 10 mins before the time.

    Lessons Learned

    · Consistency (Study Regularly)

    · Comprehend (Try to summarize the study material)

    · Always go back and check what mistakes you did in the Mock Exam

    · Recommended to not to attempt any mock exam before week or 10 days of the exam

    · 5 simulation tests are enough, no need to buy any more.

    · Relax a day before the exam .

    · Do not Panic at the time of examination, it will make things worse.

    My Result

    · Initiation – Above Target

    · Planning – Above Target

    · Execution – Below target

    · Monitor and Controlling – Above Target

    · Closing – Above Target

    Over All Result - On Target (Marginally behind the Above Target)
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    Hi Anil,

    Congratulations on being PMP certified.

    Your review will indeed help a lot of PMP aspirants in terms of exam preparation tips.

    We wish you all the best for your future endeavor.
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    Thanks Mukesh , Please pass on my sincere Thanks to Sridhar and Tim for their guidance.
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