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    Passed my PMP this week on my first attempt and wanted to say thank you! @tim jerome thanks for answering all my questions!

    The test isn’t easy but it definitely tests your knowledge and your decision making process accordingly.
    If you’re studying now, I can advise to make sure you practice situational questions. If you have a question where there is one obvious answer or even two to decide between, know that in the test it’s not that simple, there are many questions which have 3 or all 4 that seem right. You need to be able to take a deep breath, read the question a second time to make sure you read all the words and try to put the events in the most logical and correct order. Leave time for review! I had around 30 questions I marked for review and I ended up correcting a lot of those. Make sure when you do the mock exams that you really understand what in your thinking process was wrong, not only the right or wrong answer.

    Happy to answer any questions.
    Thanks again!
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    Are real time exam questions extraneous or similar to simulation tests?Unable to manage time.

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